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Hi I’m Matt Astifan. Thanks for checking out the Social Media Director Certification Program.

Working as a Social Media Director has been a low-stress way to bring in thousands of dollars a month for me and the hundreds of students I’ve trained.

Far from being some sort of get-rich-quick opportunity, this is a real service you’ll provide for real businesses to have a huge impact on their success (and your own).

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Matt Astifan
Founder of Web Friendly

A Hungry Crowd

As traditional advertising channels like TV, Radio or Print aren’t delivering the same returns they used to, more and more businesses are realizing that social media is the best way to reach new customers and engage with current ones. And since most business owners would rather focus on other aspects of their business, they’re looking to hire someone to handle it for them.

A Shortage of Supply

Since the “big four” social media platforms (Facebook™, Twitter™, LinkedIn™, and YouTube™) didn’t even exist a few years ago, there are no experts with decades of training and experience you have to compete with. With the right guidance and the desire to succeed, anyone can quickly establish themselves as an expert in their market without years of training and experience.

Recurring Revenue

As a Social Media Director, your services are ongoing, not a one-time job. That means you won’t have to constantly go out to find new clients. Just a few contracts at $500 to $2000 a month each quickly add up to a significant and reliable income stream as you help businesses reach and engage more customers.

Work from Anywhere

As a freelancer, you won’t have to go into an office or even be in the same country as your clients. In fact, much of what you do can be done wherever you have an internet connection on your tablet or smartphone. As long as you keep your clients happy, you’ll continue to get paid no matter where in the world you travel to.

To Become A Certified Social Media Director with Web Friendly You Need To Get 5 Clients or Make $2500 Using The Strategies You Learn In This Program
Most Social Media Managers struggle to earn profits for their client so we created a series of proven systems to help them profit from Social Media. Our program transform the average Social Media Manager into a skilled marketer that knows how to create a campaign that bring REAL RESULTS for their clients.
Still On The Fence? Hear From Other
Still On The Fence? Hear From Other
Who Already Took The Leap Of Faith And Joined Us...
Who Already Took The Leap Of Faith And Joined Us...
Donald Ross
Tracy Holden
Sophia Jamal
Roy Borglund
Kelvin Khoo
Andrew Murdoch

An Inside Look At The Social Media Director Certification Program

How To Get Clients

No matter how Social Media savvy you are, you’ll never be successful if you don’t have a system for getting (and keeping) paid clients. We show you exactly how to stand out by positioning yourself as the go-to expert in a particular industry, category, or with a certain type of customer. We also show you how to find new clients, how to put together proposals (using our proposal template), and how to package your services to make them attractive to businesses and lucrative for you.

Stealth Marketing

Social media platforms are full of clumsy spammers trying to sell you something. We teach you how to engage audiences and build relationships with your audience first so the businesses you represent don’t come across pushy or spammy and upset the people they’re trying to attract.

Get a Flood of Traffic

Every business wants more and better quality customers. The first step is to reach them. One of the strengths of social media is your ability to target audiences with specific interests, needs, or demographics. We show you how to use the “big four” social media platforms of Facebook™, Twitter™, LinkedIn™ and YouTube™ to reach the kind of customers your clients are looking for.

Drive Engagement 

Unlike traditional advertising, social media allows businesses to engage their audience in a two-way conversation. And engaging them is the first step to converting them from curious browsers to paid customers. We show you how to engage your clients’ audiences to create better relationships and lead them down the path of becoming a paid customer.

Make Sales

If you’re not driving sales for your clients, it’s hard to justify your fees. What separates Web Friendly Certified Social Media Directors from other so-called ‘experts’ in the field, is a relentless focus on getting real, measurable results for their clients. That’s because we teach you a step-by-step process for going beyond engagement and directing your audience to landing pages and email sequences that directly lead to sales. As long as your clients are making money, they’ll continue to pay you month after month.


Live Online Lessons in our Virtual Classroom
Once a week for 5 weeks, you’ll tune in on your computer for a live, interactive webinar where we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to be a successful Social Media Director.

Premium Email Support
Have a question, need to make a decision, or just want to bounce some ideas around? Email us anytime for a full 10 weeks and we’ll help you get your business up and running.

Weekly Q & A Call
Get all your questions answered on a live, group call once a week.

Done-For-You Tools and Templates
All certified graduates receive tools and templates to make running their business easier, including custom branded marketing materials, proposal templates, email templates, and landing page templates you can use to cut-and-paste your own details.

Private Facebook Group
Share insights and ideas, ask questions, and stay motivated by interacting with your classmates in a private, closed facebook group.

Frequently Asked Questions:
How much is the program?
Our coaching programs range between $1000 to a maximum of $5000 depending on the level of coaching you choose. 
What is the time investment for this program?
You will need to be prepared to commit approximately 10 hours per week for the 5 week duration of the coaching and training to complete your homework assignments. 
Do you offer a payment plan? 
Absolutely, if we think you’re the right fit for the program we’ll help customize a payment plan that works with your monthly or bi-weekly budget.  
Why is there an application process? 
All our instructors are directors of their own marketing companies (i.e., we walk the walk). Our time and resources are limited which is why we only take 16 students per intake. We look for people who are coachable and willing to put in the work to get results. 

Can I use Government Grants to pay for this? 
Yes, there are several grants available depending on your Province or State. We can help you find available grants in your area.
Do you offer any guarantees? 
This is NOT a get rich quick business… We’re going to coach you and you’ll have to TAKE ACTION to get results. That being said, you have a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and if you implement at least half of the strategies we show you and don’t earn $2500 or get 5 new clients you can request a full refund. 
Do you offer scholarships for students? 
Absolutely, if you’re accepted you can ask about this during the interview. 
Can I take the SMD and SEOD together? 
Yes, but it’s not recommended. Both programs are intensive and require you to complete homework assignments. It’s recommended that you only take one program at a time. 

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