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Offering Search Engine Optimization services has brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars for me over the last few years. While working far fewer hours a week than a full-time job.

And I’d like to pull back the curtain and show you how I’ve built a successful SEO business for myself, starting with no technical knowledge whatsoever, and helped many students do the same…

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Rob Green
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Businesses Are Desperate For It

You don’t need to sell most businesses on the benefits of appearing at the top of search results for search engines like Google. Most owners know higher rankings will not only raise their profile, but will bring much needed visitors to their sites which they can turn into customers. So when you offer to give them what they already want, you don’t need to do much “selling” at all. Pair that with my Client Sales Funnel™ and you’ll have all the clients you can handle.

Businesses Have a Budget For It

Up until recently, many local businesses were accustomed to paying from a few hundred, to over $10,000 per month to appear in the Yellow Pages. But as less people use the phone book and more rely on online search results, they became frustrated with the lack of returns phonebook advertising was getting them and have completely pulled out. Now, they’re actively looking for somewhere to spend that advertising budget that will bring in customers the way the yellow pages used to.

Businesses WANT to Outsource It

While the biggest businesses can hire a full-time team to handle SEO for them, tens of millions of businesses across North America aren’t big enough to hire someone full-time, but would love to hire someone to take SEO off their hands so they can focus on other aspects of running their businesses.


Our certificates are based on your Success!

In order to get Certified by Web Friendly you need to take ACTION and get RESULTS

As a graduate of the training you will receive official Web Friendly Certification for instant credibility and trust with your clients. To become a Certified SEO Director by Web Friendly you must get 5 Page One Rankings using the SEO strategies taught in this program. 


An Inside Look At The SEO Director Certification Program

Getting Clients

Most people who learn SEO get the technical skills but have no system for finding, engaging, and signing up new clients. So they struggle to land business and never really get their business off the ground. We show you exactly how to target, find, and close deals with all the clients you need to thrive as an SEO Director

Keywords & Keyword Themes

There’s no such thing as “general optimization” - each web page must be optimized for the specific "themes" of keywords that will bring them most relevant visitors to your clients’. We show you how to identify the best keywords to target so that your clients’ pages will not only get a flood of visitors, but those visitors will be more likely to become customers.

Onsite SEO

Once you’ve identified the right keywords to target, good SEO starts with setting up the individual pages within a site in ways that the search engines “like” in order to drive your clients’ sites to the top of the search results. We show you the foundations of good onsite SEO including structuring the site, using tags and metatags, and working within Wordpress.

Offsite SEO

The other side of SEO involves building links back to your clients pages which help the search engines see the site as more relevant. There’s quite a bit of misinformation about link-building that can cause your client’s sites to get completely banned from search results permanently. We show you what to do and what NOT to do, to make sure you’re practicing effective offsite SEO that doesn’t upset the search engines and get your clients in trouble.

Managing Clients 

Once you’ve signed up a client, managing them isn’t difficult, but there are specific things you need to do to make sure they’re informed and happy with your services…. so they keep you on and keep paying you month after month. We show you how to set a clients’ expectations, how to handle reporting, and how to keep them happy with your work.


One of the great things about being an SEO Director, is that there are plenty of people and services who can do the actual “work” of improving your client’s search engine rankings. By outsourcing the SEO tasks to third party services you free up your time to take on more clients and grow your business, or spend more time with family or pursuing your hobbies.


Live Online Lessons in our Virtual Classroom

Once a week for 6 weeks, you’ll tune in on your computer for a live, interactive webinar where we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to be a successful SEO Director.

Weekly Q & A Call
Get all your questions answered on a live, group call once a week. This allows you to learn from other students failures and success. You will get a chance to work with the other students in the class to accomplish your goals in a supportive team environment.

Premium Email Support
Have a question, need to make a decision, or just want to bounce some ideas around? Email us anytime for a full 10 weeks and we’ll answer any of your questions about SEO or getting your business up and running.

Private Facebook Group
Share insights and ideas, ask questions, and stay motivated by interacting with your classmates in a private, closed Facebook group.

Done-For-You Tools and Templates
All certified graduates receive tools and templates to make running their business easier, including custom branded marketing materials, proposal templates, email templates, and landing page templates you can use to cut-and-paste your own details.

Done-For-You Tools and Templates
All certified graduates receive tools and templates to make running your business easier, including marketing materials, sales letters, and proposal templates that you can use in your business by simply adding your own details.

Frequently Asked Questions:
How much is the program?
Our coaching programs range between $1000 to a maximum of $5000 depending on the level of coaching you choose. 
 What is the time investment for this program?
You will need to be prepared to commit approximately 10 hours per week for the 5 week duration of the coaching and training to complete your homework assignments. 
 Do you offer a payment plan? 
Absolutely, if we think you’re the right fit for the program we’ll help customize a payment plan that works with your monthly or bi-weekly budget. 
Why is there an application process? 
All our instructors are directors of their own marketing companies (i.e., we walk the walk). Our time and resources are limited which is why we only take 16 students per intake. We look for people who are coachable and willing to put in the work to get results. 

Can I use Government Grants to pay for this? 
Yes, there are several grants available depending on your Province or State. We can help you find available grants in your area.
Do you offer any guarantees? 
This is NOT a get rich quick business… We’re going to coach you and you’ll have to TAKE ACTION to get results. That being said, if you implement at least half of the strategies we show you and don’t earn your tuition back you can request a full refund plus 10% for wasting your time. 
Do you offer scholarships for students?
Absolutely, if you’re accepted you can ask about this during the interview.
Can I take the SMD and SEOD together? 
Yes, but it’s not recommended. Both programs are intensive and require you to complete homework assignments. It’s recommended that you only take one program at a time. 

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