The Social Media Director Certification Program

Social Media Director Certification Program (SMD) combines everything your consulting business needs. You will learn how to track ROI, how to package your services, and how to attract and manage your clients. You’ll also discover how to outsource parts of your work, which makes it easier for you to handle more clients and save time. SMD is a live 10-week online training program that gives you the complete system, so you don’t need to spend months figuring it out all by yourself.

The SEO Director Certification Program

Since there’s a big demand for people who can help businesses rank higher on search engines, setting up your own SEO business is much easier than you may think. This program gives you all the tools you need to attract and get long-term paying customers and deliver great results. You’ll discover how to streamline your SEO business so that you have more time, freedom and income. Getting your business up and running quickly has never been easier with this live 10-week online training program.

Internet Masterminds TV

Internet Masterminds TV is collection of videos showcasing 6+ figure internet marketers. All speakers come from a variety of different industries, and topics include SEO, social media, blogging, email marketing, outsourcing and other tools that can inspire new Internet marketing strategies in your business or your clients’ business. Internet Masterminds TV is an affordable way to get access to a wealth of expert knowledge from home, and new videos are released every week.

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