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The Internet offers a wealth of opportunities, but it’s hard to get started without a community that’s there to support you. This is the essence of Web Friendly, a group of experienced professionals and entrepreneurs who’ve captured value in social media and SEO marketing and now want to share their proven methods for success.

We offer a variety of workshops and training courses online and in-person that can get you started if you’re a beginner, or take you to the next level if you already have some experience.

Join our Community of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs 

Internet Masterminds TV is our flagship product, a membership service allowing exclusive online access to our Masterminds Meetup. This is a weekly event featuring seminars conducted by top social media experts. Topics include SEO, social media, blogging, email marketing, outsourcing and numerous other tools that will help you grow your online presence.

Master Your Social Media Marketing Skills

Our Social Media Director Certification Program is an intensive 10 week online course that teaches you how to track ROI, package your services, engage with new clients and successfully outsource your work, saving valuable time and resources. This is perfect for marketers associated with companies that want to grow their online presence.  

This training goes beyond theory, and students wishing to build their own business will be required to generate at least $2,500 in revenue or get 5 new clients within 5 weeks of completion. Don’t worry, we’ll be there to assist you at every step along the way.

Revamp Your SEO Approach to Increase Revenue and Traffic

Our SEO Director Certification Program is geared towards independent aspiring entrepreneurs who want to keep up with the fast-changing world of SEO. It focuses on getting higher search engine rankings, expanding exposure to consumers successfully targeted by their interest in your product, significantly increasing web traffic and/or sales.

We’re Always Here To Help

My name is Matt Astifan and I'm the founder of Web Friendly.

Since inception, we’ve focused on creating educational events and training students actually enjoy. Whether they are consultants, corporate superstars, or entrepreneurs, our students always walk away with a  unbeatable ROI. This is because we only teach proven and relevant strategies and tactics, and we support you in actually applying them until you see the difference in your bottom line. It is for this reason, and a host of others, that we are rated at the top of Internet marketing education providers.  

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